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All Devices are ©maxforlive devices compatible with ©Live 8 and ©Live 9 on both ©Mac and ©Windows systems

Loopina is a one button looping device for Audio or MIDI Clips  in ©Live. It modifies directly Clip Loop Points and has some pretty nasty little features such as Transposition of ©Warped Audio Clips

LoC is a Clip Step Sequencer. It sequences the playback order of Clips in Live Session View, pretty much using the whole Clip Slots Grid as one big Step Sequencer. Each Track/Sequence has its own Length and Speed

LoK is a Control device. It features 8 assignable controls mappable to any parameter in Live, Preset storing/recalling for multiple mappings, randomizer per control and much more...

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Lord of the Clips


Lord of the Knobs


All Devices are programed in pure ©Max/MSP and fully editable on purchase. All relevant Controls are MIDI mappable. Settings and Presets are saved within your ©Live projects. To edit and Run these devices you will need an authorized copy of maxforlive running on your computers.

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Ugo 7

Ugo 7 is and Audio Slicer which  features a step sequencer to modulate playback, pitch, velocity, direction and length of each slice. Add on the fly controls and Preset storing/recalling for dramatic sound manipulation

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Lord Of The Sends

LotS is a Control device which designed to control sends in Live with just one knob and one click for mapping.

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