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Sonic Rose Sound System

Sound exists in space.  

And sound perception is becoming an active part of space landscaping wether we talk about closed architectures, open space environments or gaming experiences. 

Sound mapping for us is not only mapping sounds from spaces, but also mapping sounds into spaces. We think space as a musical instrument.

Following the need for deeper integration between technological solutions and creative content we have developed a proprietary software product - the Sonic Rose digital audio system -  which allows us to deliver and enhance sound experiences in live environments. We can then truly invest time in content creation, 3D sound design, spatial music composition.

Sonic Rose allows us to think in a generative way. 

How we do it

Every space has its own soul and its peculiar voice, so the first step in our Concept design is a deep study of the location and its architecture. After careful evaluation based on the client needs, logistical as well as artistic considerations, we decide a configuration for the placement of sound sources. At this point we can start to focus on content creation: music composition, sound design, literary content. Depending on the space and client, this can also include advertising, service calls, touristic audio guides, sound alerts, and any sort of communication through speech or sound.

Software System

We are very proud of our own proprietary "Sonic Rose" digital audio environment : a powerful, flexible and fully integrated creative tool that assists us in every stage of the creative process. We also develop custom software solutions to fit the most demanding situations. 


  1. Museums and planetariums

  2. Archeological, historical and cultural sites

  3. Parks and botanical gardens

  4. Theatrical and spectacles productions

  5. Theme parks

  6. Educational facilities

  7. Hotels, and much more.