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Handwerk-Audio Studios (Berlin)
Music Studio specialized in Vintage and contemporary analogue gear

Laboratori Riuniti Carreras (Rome)

Architectural and Design Studio, 3D CAD Studio Max specialists

Phantasmeano is part of the Laboratori Riuniti Carreras, a network of professionals who range from architects and engineers to professional creatives of the Multimedia world. Our services center on the study of human interaction between humans themselves and space. Whether it is an AD campaign, a new building, or a  Theme Park attraction, our goal is to enhance and deliver the most outstanding user experience, not only from a sonic perspective.

The difference between us and other similar services is that we work step by step with our clients and multi talented technical team…  We have crossed the boundary between technical and creative, thus optimizing solutions and costs.

An all in one modular package which can be expanded for your needs.

Do not hesitate in contacting us for further informations on our projects.

Friends and Partners

Danny Rose (Paris)
Multimedia Experiences, Monumental Mapping, Interactive Installations